In 2011, we purchased 160 acres in Eagle Point, in the northeast corner of the Rogue Valley.   The land had everything we were looking for, including beautiful wooded terrain that gives way to a southwest facing hillside – perfect terrain for a vineyard!!   Approximately 80 acres has been designated as a “Sensitive Elk Habitat” which we are happily leaving to the large herd of elk who have become our friends and neighbors.  

In 2013, we began the development of our vineyard site - and Celtic Moon Vineyards was born!!


Kelley and Dennis O’Donoghue first visited Southern Oregon in the summer of 2006 while transporting our horses from New Mexico to Washington.   We immediately fell in love with the Rogue Valley and all it had to offer.  Kelley often says it reminds her of her childhood growing up in Northern California.   While we both had spent most of our professional lives in the Aerospace Industry (Kelley as an aircraft mechanic, aerospace engineer and marketing analyst, and Dennis as an experimental test pilot and corporate executive), the country lifestyle was very appealing to us.  Dennis had grown up on a farm in western Pennsylvania and yearned to return to the land.  For us, owning a farm would be a dream come true.