Randy Gold - Vineyard Manager

Martin Mochizuki - Viticulture Consultant

Martin Mochizuki has over 30 years of experience working in the production of premium wine grapes. As a viticulturist and owner of Walsh Vineyards Management in Napa Valley he farmed vineyards for several prestigious wineries such as: Saintsbury, Shafer vineyards, Beaulieu Vineyards, Silverado Vineyards, Cuvaison Vineyard, and Clos Pegase Vineyard.  As a consultant with Crop Care Associates, and later with Mochizuki and Associates he advised growers and wineries on viticultural practices at: Sterling Vineyards, Iron Horse vineyard, Dutton Ranch, Robert Young vineyards, Murphy-Goode vineyards, Kendall-Jackson winery, and Simi winery among others.  More recently he has worked with Constellation Wines and Diageo as a consultant and project manager on vineyard development projects.  He has also acted as the general manager for Manchester Ridge vineyard on the Mendocino coast.  He has consulted on several vineyard operations in Oregon including Roxy Ann Winery and Ledger David vineyard. Martin was involved with the European Grapevine moth eradication project in Napa as the grower liaison.  Martin has been a board member with various organizations such as: the American Society of Enology and Viticulture, and the Napa County Farm Bureau. He has been the program director for the Unified Wine Grape Symposium, and on the research review board for the American Vineyard Foundation.   Martin has a degree from the University of California at Berkeley in pest management, and a graduate degree in viticulture from California State University Fresno.

Randy Gold is the owner of Pacific Crest Vineyard Services LLC, a full-service vineyard management and development company that strives to improve vineyard quality and provide sustainable production for vineyard owners throughout Southern Oregon.   Randy has been deeply involved in the Rogue Valley wine industry since 1980. He began converting a Bartlett pear orchard to a vineyard in 1982 and has been supplying several local and out of area wineries with grapes since 1986.  He is a former partner in Trium Wines, and was the General Manager of Del Rio Vineyard from 1998-2001.  He has twice been recognized for outstanding service and leadership by the Oregon Winegrowers Association.   In addition to his own vineyard operation, Gold Vineyard in Talent, Oregon, Randy is presently managing and consulting on approximately 200 acres in the Rogue and Applegate Valleys.   Randy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Washington University.  His current management and consultation clients include: Roxy Ann Vineyard and Winery, Red Lily Vineyard and Winery, Paradox Vineyard, Anselmo Vineyard and Winery, Dancin Vineyard and Winery, Celtic Moon Vineyards, Adesman Family Vineyard, Pond Hill Vineyard Inc., Pearl Family Vineyard and Rocky Knoll Vineyard and Winery.

And Joining the Team in 2018:

Joining our vineyard management team in the Spring of 2018 will be a large flock of Southdown sheep.   Commonly known as "Baby Dolls" for their diminutive size (less than 2 feet tall), Southdowns are ideal for organic weed control in vineyards.  They are not tall enough to reach the grapes, but hungry enough to eat up all the weeds at the base of the vines.  The "natural fertilizer" they leave behind recycles nutrients and organic matter back into the ground, enhancing the tilth of the soil.